Fire-Resistant Plant List


Fire Resistant Plant List



Fire-Resistant Plant List

Fire-resistant plants are defined as species that do not readily ignite from a flame or other ignition sources.  Fire-resistant does not mean fire-proof.  

While the focus of this list is plants that could survive in the high-desert climate of Central Oregon, this document is a compilation of plants found on other credible fire-resistant plant lists from across the U.S.  

The list also includes some commonly used plants that are not fire-resistant.  Research suggests low plant density and proper spacing are critical in decreasing the intensity and spread of fire.  We highly recommend following plant spacing and density guidance for your area recommended by your local fire department, university extension office, homeowners association, etc.


Tamarack Wildfire Consulting assumes no liability or responsibility with respect to the information within the document. Plants may be added or removed at any time based on available research.